Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Why Samantha Jones Is Bullying Virgins Everywhere

I hate our culture, really hate it.

I don't like to call myself an idealist- but I think I just might be, or maybe I just want things the way God intended them to be?

Yes, I know men have to "sow their wild oats" and women should "explore" but.....

How is that the idea of saving sex until marriage is so incredibly foreign? Especially in a country that claims to be 78.4% Christian? Why is it that I dated an agnostic who had more respectful attitudes about women and sex than Christian guys?

There is no standard and nobody cares anymore, hence "Teen Mom" on MTV
but HELLO, we definitely should be! 1 out of 2 marriages ending in America? Blame it on the money spats or what have you- but perhaps if people did not have so much baggage walking into a marriage from past relationships- maybe they would have made it longer, maybe.

Sex is something really important.
When did we forget that sex is a deeply spiritual act between two people who are committed for life? As far as I'm concerned, it is the pinnacle of human experience and marriage is the epic journey within which to contain it.

But why do I hate myself for saying that? It brings so many negative connotations upon myself that I'm not even comfortable with. Things like "old fashioned", "impractical", "prudish", "no fun". And really- who wants to be associated with those things? Even old people these days are friskier than I am. **sigh**

Who wants to be left standing in the middle of the road with the dust blowing on their face, with lovers riding away to greener pastures (and open legs)

I understand how unappealing this lifestyle is that I've chosen, I know, I get it, and it doesn't make it easier. In my mind, I would much rather be Samantha Jones (from Sex And The City)- with the freedom to screw whoever I want and just move on with life. I hear her taunting- "Just DO IT, darling"

I honestly have no idea what has kept me going this long (other than God's protection). After seeing so many friends "lose it" and the inevitable heartbreak that occurred every time afterwards, it filled me with a strange sense of relief- but the jealousy and the feeling of "missing out" is still there.

As with all good things in life- sex is incredibly powerful with an extreme positive and negative energy. Use it for good in a committed context- and the results are fireworks! Use it carelessly and it's destructive dynamite, leaving craters in the heart and soul.

So I end this note with the question thats been swirling in my head-
"Can you build a fire in your lap and not burn your pants?"

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